Common Sense by Thomas Paine In Modern English Common Sense by Thomas Paine in a language you can understand. If you've ever tried to read it you know what I'm talking about. It was one of, if not the most influential book in American history. But it was written over 200 years ago and the old English it's written in, is nearly … Continue reading Common Sense by Thomas Paine In Modern English

Why Is Common Sense Still Important Today?

Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense before we we're even a country. At its core it was a call for independence from Britain, but it was also a book about freedom and the proper construction of government. It's a philosophical debate. Because of that, not everybody’s going to understand or agree with it. But, it will expose the underlying problems that we see in politics today. To understand the relevance of Common Sense, it’s critical to understand why it was so important in the first place.